About us

Buy Land Plant Trees was set up by Sally Phillips of Chimney Sheep to enable agriculturally poor land to be given back to nature. 

Despite our name we don’t just plant trees, although trees are very important to us. BLPT aims to create a sustainable landscape by planting a mosaic of plant species including trees, scrub and other vegetation on land that has been abandoned or is difficult to make agriculturally productive. 

This sort of land is usually wet, boggy, and dominated by rushes but would have been, many centuries ago, covered in a patchwork of trees and scrub. These areas of more diverse plant species have been removed over the centuries, for farming, ship building, mining, and other industrial activities. The landscape that we look at as having a bleak beauty is a consequence of intensive agricultural and industrial use.

We plant trees, encourage heath redevelopment, restore bogs and generally put nature first  to create more diverse habitat so that nature can recover.

BLPT is a Community Interest Company  which means our “assets are locked”. This means that any donations made to the company stay within it, in perpetuity, and has to be spent on projects that restore the natural ecosystem. All the fields we buy and woodlands we create remain in ownership of the company for as far into the future as we can glimpse. The idea is not to extract timber, but to have trees that become big, old and gnarly, and over time provide homes for all kinds of wildlife.

Our aim is to create a legacy so that veteran trees and a fully self-sustaining ecosystem will begin to exist in a few hundred years long after we have gone.

Tree-less Low Fell
Tree-free landscape of Low Fell. Low Fell is our largest project at 158 acres.